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Making Money Online – Basics

How To Make Money Online! 2021- 2022

Making Money Online, from your Websites, Affiliate Programs, Products, Reviews, Services, Walmart, eBay, Amazon Niki, CJ, and more/ millions of Products in FACT. I have a little tip for you on how you appreciate and begin working at home?

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How Does It Work? Making Money Online

Your site drive buyers to companies willing to pay you Commission from 6% 12% 50% 60% -75% on sales and services purchased

hot affiliate marketing works
making money online

Remove Headache: Making Money Online


Your review, content related article or blog, links, and promotion on social media gives you leverage and power to make money online, companies are more than ever, with the coronavirus changes to shopping, taking the route to utilize third party resources, scaling down their previous physical bricks and mortar locations, and move to the online greater and wider society and market place

That makes you a favorable and cheaper option and disposal of course


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Why a Niche: to Making Money online?

It boils down to having special interest and passion, I don’t like easy, I don’t want comfort zones, I want concerted interest and drive, I want my own experiences to replicate for you. Many of you want Change no doubt, but don’t know how to create changes for a lifestyle that will empower decisions and achieve a healthier, wealthier lifestyle, I wanted to witness that with you.


Does 2021 Scare You: It Does Me!

Finances, Future provisions for family and retirement, Wouldn’t a START-UP  Business, with no limits on earnings and freedom, building the online business exactly as you want to be exciting and rewarding? Better still from your own laptop, Mobile device whilst traveling?

  • This is not a pipe dream it will happen that’s a promise


This Website’s Purpose: Making Money Online

This Website is Designed: To help you to better understand the market potential, its opportunities, how to achieve them, the tools, best choices available, how to start, and super importantly, who to be supporting your progression in achieving your goals.

Why not consider an Online business, I did and I haven’t looked back since, and when you reach or achieve what you want then what a feeling that will be. Marketing can instantly make people run in the opposite direction, right?

But consider this:

  • you are not a mega-corporation, [Yet]
  • you are not competing with anyone but yourself,
  • there is enough market areas, Product and Services online to get stuck in,
  • No these are not oversubscribed or over-populated,
  • you don’t have to be a Guru in any Particular field,
  • you don’t have to have special writing skills
  • you don’t have to feel you’re out of your depth, why?

The Reality: Making Money Online How?

I didn’t learn instantly or even felt I was equipped with the skills of marketing, I was awed! But accepted there was less to lose and more to gain. Perhaps that was the driving force, a ”BACKS TO THE WALL” attitude is a great motivator.

I Chose to Make Money Online

  • Writing reviews, promoting concepts and products, services and Finally becoming my mainstay these past 18 months
  • Marketing requires Some Plan, Commitment in your elected Niche’,
  • Effort: By deliberate mindset and objectives most people can achieve recurring good income year after year, obtaining a stable life from this entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • I Love Travel: Freedom to do so comes hand in hand with finances to support it from anywhere.

It Works: Making Money Online – Basics

Ecommerce, b2b, Blog Writing, Export, Sales, eBooks or Music Reviews, Get immediate Working Support, Training & archives, Community, Marketing examples, live chat and Guidance from other Experienced and Newbie Entrepreneurs.

You Start Hitting your own set targets, See traction for your efforts, positive reviews, and feedback, perhaps even earlier than expected See revenue from reviews or your sale of products,

Then You Consider and Decide is a Premium account is where you want to go., [optional] but allows you more features. Otherwise, continue with your created site [only 0ne]

Your New Skills

  • I Show You The Means, The Tools
  • The Possibilities, Optimal approach
  • Understanding how, why, and most importantly what
  • This is on me Your FREE Training Videos ”How to Make Money Online ——–<<Review>>>>
  • Check it out you’ll see that the positive and credible choices are only a step away


There is now experiences with Risks, some big others small but when you are informed you are better placed to decide which is which and what to choose, right it’s all in your Court now

See you when you get there!

any questions I am here to respond and clarify

Good day to you!

Chris Jones


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